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1. Main functions of SHARKYVN software (Destop App):

(AI automatically stores, processes data, avoids duplicate tasks, automatically learn, update new features)
1.1.   Get/Copy/Crawl Taobao , Tmall , 1688 products: By keywords search, #Hot #Trend, or Products Link list… Language translation options. Then, Export results for: #Website E-commerce, #Shopee, #Zalo OA (Offical Account), #Lazada, #Sendo… bulk products import
1.2.   Shopee & Sendo Tool: 01 Click: Post Batch products (automatically re-edit photos); Fetch/Copy products for OA Zalo, Woocommerce, Sendo and Shopee. Automatic #Boost products; Update Orders and Messages status …
1.3.   Lazada Tools: 01 Click: #Copy #Download #Get a huge range of Lazada products for other Lazada Shops , Shopee , Sendo , Zalo, Website #WooCommerce…
Manage Lazada accounts: #Auto Update order and messages status… Like & Ask questions (Increase search rankings for Products).
1.4.   Zalo Tools: Automatically send messages, make friends. Mass manage Zalo Official account (Zalo Shop): Auto-update Message and Orders status….
1.3.   Other Tools:
    ** Filter & Identifies phone number of the provider. Send SMS to PHONE lists

Time usage:

(After 10 days trial)

Community version

PRO version
Sharkyvn (Destop App) software
02 days from latest Facebook Fanpage Sharing.
Unlimited Hits
VND 150,000 (for a period of 30 days)
or VND 800,000 (with a duration of 6 months)
or VND 3 million (with permanent duration)

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